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I want to share my experience with Kohler customer support.

I had two Kohler one-piece toilets installed when I remodeled my house 10 years ago. They look good, and have been working ok.

While trying to replace the toilet seats recently, I found both toilets to have the same issue: the bolts on the right won't turn, the bolt on the left would lose up, but then the nut (inaccessible, hidden inside the body of the toilet) would also turn, so the bolts never come off.

Since both toilets have the same exact issue and saw other people complaining about unable to *** the toilet seat on the net, I thought this is very likely a manufacturing/design issue that Kohler have known about it. So I called up Kohler customer support to see if they already have corrective measures developed. After hearing my description of the issue, the CSR claimed Kohler is not ware of the issue, and directed me to buy their ~$50 anchor replacement kit. She was very impatient and quickly ended the call without asking any information.

Now I realize why the Kohler CSR said they were not aware of the problem - they just simply turn any customers who called to buy their kit without recording any information about the issue. Excellent way of avoiding having to recognize "yeah, we may have screwed up"...

I'm about to start remodeling in my newly purchase home, and I know exactly which brand I won't touch.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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kohlers the worst customer service


I just got off the phone w kohler and the fact that it was a open box purchase from lowes at regular price, it cancels all kohler warranty of the toilet....unbelieveable.


Made two phone calls to customer service for help today for issues with a brand new flush valve kit. I have never had to call Kohler customer service ever but I have to say it was the WORST customer service ever. Rude and just want to get you off the phone.

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About 5 years ago we used Kohler products in our bathrooms when remodeling our home.A few month ago, I noticed spider cracks under the glaze on the ledge and bowl of the sink. I contacted Kohler and received a response that the sink was :( guaranteed one year. This is clearly a manufacturing defect and they do not sand by their product.


Re Lisa:

that's exactly how I felt when I talked to Kohler customer service, "they don't care".


I also had a terrible experience with Kohler. We had a defective valve that leaked a week after installation.

When the contractor took it out he showed us a crack in it. It flooded 2 rooms including bedroom carpet. It took lots of work and money to fix everything. At Kohler they told us to mail the part back and they would look at it.

They came back 2 months later, blaming the installer, saying it had a mark on it that looked like a tool was inserted in it. I was there when it was being installed and nothing was used, nothing was needed, it was hooked up and nothing else. They did not want to take responsibility. The manager of Lowes where we purchased it had looked at it also and took a picture, there were no marks.

When I tell them this at customer service, they do nothing, they no not care. I will never buy anything from them again.


Did you check inside the toilet to see if there was a way to access the bolts via the tank? I work with Kohler Customer Service on a regular basis and I have had some associates that are better than others, but compared to other companies in the industry, Kohler is very good when it comes to customer service. BTW, 50 bucks is not bad to replace a seat, you bought a 1 piece toilet that probably has a unique style, if you want a $5 seat, you should stick with a 2 piece toilet.

to Ron Johnson #1019800


Too bad none of us spoke with you...maybe the above would never have been needed...I would NEVER buy another Kohler product...What is the saying "satisfactory experiences are shared with 8, unsatisfactory are shared with 25" I think I beat that!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!

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