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A Kohler toilet seat about 5 yrs old is still in perfect condition except that it has to be thrown away because it is hinged onto the toilet with 2 very thin pieces of plastic, one of which has ripped apart. The second one is starting to go as well.

If this isn't a perfect example of how the U.S. business model is filling up the landfill while lining their own pockets, I don't know what is. There is no excuse for this built-in obsolescence.

BOYCOTT KOHLER!!!!! Consumers must be informed and careful....it is the only way we will save the planet from destruction at the hands of greedy business owners.

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Kyle, Texas, United States #1192054

I have four one piece toilets that were 500.00 each. Needed to change the seat on one after eight years and there is a brass insert build into the toilet and a stainless steel screw which has corroded together.

Plumber tells me there is no way to fix it.

Will have to buy a new toilet. This is pitiful

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